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Too much chaos | Beats by SheyLofi |  Visuals by Naitiemu & A.Jankowiak 

It’s the silence in-between the notes that creates music…

I must have read this somewhere, or heard this in ‘Twenty thousand Hertz‘ podcast.

There’s something quite magical about rhythm in sound. The patterns created by the highs and lows evoke all kinds of emotions to the listener.

My relationship with music has evolved with time. It keeps getting stronger as I engage my own interpretation through visuals.

‘Tana’ music video by Beraccah Kisia

In 2019, I did the art direction for Beraccah‘s music video ‘Tana.’ This was a new venture for me and very exciting. The song was all about Beraccah’s journey in finding her strength and power from within.

Working with an amazing crew including Thea Gordon and Kellin Mwangeka in video direction, Nadia, Wakianda and Betty as the models who brought life and light with their natural feminine energy. 

Through improvisation, I had them dressed up in captivating Afrikan-inspired attires and jewellery;  adding a touch of afro punk look to bring out Beraccah’s ‘awakening’ attitude.

The sunlight through the derelict of what seemed like a relic of previous colonial building gave just the right vintage touch.

Since then, I have directed and produced more music videos and musical films, in different genres.

Labelled Human

50+ Creatives are featured in this ‘one-shot’ music video!

Click here for more information


Exploring what it means to be HUMAN.


A musical film

All this movement, but where’s our destination?

Visualizer for NU‘s song

Elevator adventures with my niece turned into a video

As project manager for Nairobi Design week, I am currently working with a team of creatives in preparation for the London Design Biennale 2021 whose theme is ‘Resonance’. 

We are building a boat-like installation that is a stage instrument designed for performances.

Lotus of the Nile Installation

The lotus represents self-regeneration and rebirth and once the participants begin to play together at a particular harmony/speed to resonate/collaborate with each other, performing a song, they power the blossoming of the lotus.

Electric Nyatiti concept by Adam Yawe

Adam Yawe

An idea to update the traditional instrument in a bid to enhance its uptake among a new generation of musicians.


Our aim is to share Afrikan sounds to the world. I am learning a lot about Afrikan traditional music and instruments such as the Masenqo from Ethiopia, Nyatiti from Kenya, Adungu from Uganda.

We are also exploring afro-futurism through the creation of a totally new instrument inspired by traditional instruments while incorporating modern methods, such as the electric Nyatiti, laser strings, 3d model as output for the music among others.

More about Lotus of the Nile.