I had the opportunity to work with Kaliworks in creating designs for screenprinting on to tshirts. 

They required an authentic Afrikan vibe that would connect especially with the African diaspora in Canada and attract the young and middle-aged demographic.

I was excited to work on the project because I’ve always had a passion to appreciate, understand and embrace our Afrikan roots, culture and diversity.

I was already exploring traditional Afrikan masks in my work involving woodcut printing, 3D printing and digital art.

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I was absolutely stunned with how striking the Tshirts turned out 😍.

These designs embody a sense of community and Afrikan identity, having been inspired by Afrikan traditions.They create a link between our present and past, enabling us to connect, understand, appreciate, celebrate and share our rich Afrikan heritage, ensuring its continuity generations to come.

Get yourself and loved ones one of these cool Ts (or more!)😅.

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Afrikan masks