WEEK 1 : #UPCYCLING              #RECYCLING            #PRINTING

During my first week in my Artist Residence in #Tafaria Castle (Oct – Dec 2019) , I led a class of 15 young and talented, innovative and creative kids from Nyambugichi Primary School, located within the Ngobit neighborhood where Tafaria is.

The class involved a workshop on methods of upcycling and recycling waste materials, and later, printing African Masks.The kids were mainly from class 5 and 6, around ages 11 and 12, though I had a few younger ones.


They quickly got excited once I explained to them why we were gathering plastic bottles and waste from the pits, and showed them a few images done by kids from other places.

They came up with all these amazing stuff within no time! Twas a frenzy of activity!
Seats, vehicles, flower pots, trains, father Christmas, pencil holders among other brilliant items!


We also had printing classes where we used my #3DPRINTED African Masks Stencils as resist during spray painting.We then finished our upcycling by spraypainting prints on the finished products and on cardboards.

I’ve never enjoyed teaching this much! Such angels, Am so blessed by them!

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