The PATH: stories of African Games

Size : side a- 3m*4.5m

          side b- 3m*12m

is an art installation that aims to uncover the history and evolution of African games through storytelling.

Information gathered from different participants all over Africa was based on these questions :

Tell us a story about a local game from your past… 

Who played the game & how was it played?

Where did the game originate from? 

What senses were engaged?

THE PATH: stories of African Games is inspired by the idea of a map that connects different locations in Africa through games.

The map is based on the original geographical location of different places in Africa.The map of Africa  lies sideways, inspired by the project ‘Africa, uncolonized’ by Nikolai Cyon.

The map forms the shape of a diver seemingly getting into the swimming pool.This represents the fluidity of games as they are passed from one generation to the next.

On some of the metal plates are boxes that contain cards with writings and illustrations about games found in different African regions :South, East, West, Central and North Africa.

This also encourages audience participation and collaboration by allowing anyone who wishes to contribute to share more information and store it in the boxes.

The documentation of African Games will contribute in sharing historical information freely to anyone who interacts with the installation.

The Path Creation Process


This project is curated by Nairobi Design Week.

The story contributors include participants of African Crossroads 2019 Event from various countries in Africa who filled a questionnaire that had a few questions about their personal interaction with games in the past, with thanks to Hivos.

The project is supported and facilitated by Tafaria Castle under their Artist in Residence program.