Is there anything more beautiful than the laughter of a child? Is there anything more precious than the innocence of a child? Is there anything more captivating than the fearless curiosity of a child? Don’t we all wish we could go back to that stage?

Working with children has always been a great passion in me because children represent a love without boundaries; and when children learn, appreciate and express themselves through art, then the future generations will follow suit .

Art lessons make children better students for life, increases brain connectivity and plasticity, boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.





A colourful painting with the Villagers (kids from around the neighbourhood at Karen Village) and Edmond (visual artist) during my residency at Karen Village in April 2019.


Having artsy moments with my biggest fans, The Villagers, as I created the ‘Higher Beings’ Mural at Karen Village during my residency there in April 2019.


A collection of the various murals we created with the children in the community during the Switcharoo Program in November and December 2018.

The program consisted of six visual artists : Street Art Sans Frontieres team from France,Edmond, Sarah and myself from Nairobi.

We created murals at Kibera driveway, inside Kibera, St.Dorcas Children’s Home in Kawangware, Mathare dumpsite, Alliance Francaise ,Khoja and University Way stairs, the wall at Kilome Road and Kilifi festival.




Working with the children from the Maya Community in Kilifi, under Brush with Hope program run by M-Tree Organisation in 2017 was an eye-opening and impactful opportunity.

The program lasted two weeks where we got to interact and share art with the children, the local community and with the Koreans from M-Tree. The pieces were later exhibited in July 2018 at Times Square, NY.

100 % of the proceeds went to directly impact M-Tree’s mission to make creative arts programs more accessible to underserved communities.