Mental Health Awareness remains a highly relevant theme in contemporary African society​

We are a collection of our past selves, represented by the mannequins. The mask hides our true identity. The performance focuses on dealing with past traumas in order to understand our present behavior.

Naitiemu dances in a ‘dera’, a free-flowing African dress, on her neck is a long Maasai ornament that moves with a crackling sound. Her face is covered by a golden mask.

This was during the opening of Nairobi Design Muzes in Aug 2019, a program initiated and supported by Nairobi Design Week featuring visual artists.

Also exhibited were Photography pieces and Paintings addressing Mental health awareness.

Sheepgoat scribbles with luminous ink pens on the floor, creating art that depicts faces and emotions. In rhythm, Naitiemu interacts with the mannequins, dances and paints freely and recklessly. Sometimes she screams and moves closer to the audience, captivating the intimately placed audience for the 15 minute piece. 


Afterwards the audience took photos with the mask on & engaged in conversations around mental health awareness.

Ngene was run over by a car 4 months later. The interest in his work upon his death brought us to question how artists’ work can be more appreciated while they are still alive.

Performance artpiece

‘Mannequin’ Performance’ – (Collaboration with Musician Sigu, and the late Artist Ngene Mwaura aka Sheepgoat )

Mannequin Performance + Exhibition of paintings and photography works during the launch of Nairobi Design Muzes. The theme was on Mental Health Awareness. Check out the Exhibition.

Nairobi Design Muzes initiated and supported by Nairobi Design Week – An event that brought together artists, musicians and designers, and shone an ultraviolet spotlight on Kenyan creatives.