NUMBERS | Etching,HOCl, CH3COOH, NaClO, Ink & Graphite on Steel | 124*92 cm
SHADOWS 1 | image transfer, ink, writings on wood panel | 124*92 cm
The SOLE (I) 63*94 cm

THE SOLE; Construction and deconstruction of the self.

Manipulating oxidation on the metal by applying Hydrochloric acid to it gave the material its earthy, rustic texture. Candle wax was used as a resist to retain parts of the original, smooth surface and metallic color, to form a female figure floating in a surrealistic space, her hands spread, seeking freedom.

Etched and inked onto the surface is the ‘flower of life’ pattern. Wording includes: ‘I’m in heaven’; ‘We all wish we had the capacity to be sane’; and ‘a pimple ‘. Collected materials such as a key and two metal grinders are fixed onto the surface. Parts of the metal are occasionally cleaned using vinegar to give it a temporary shiny glow. 

This symbolizes the cycles of life.The material starts fresh and sharp, just like us. As we build in life, we have wear & tear. We try to improve by adding new elements to shape us, but can’t go back to the original shine.

The SOLE (II) 45*92 cm
The Number 6 ; 124*92 cm
The Revolution of Aska; 30*40cm