Site Location:  Kilifi New Year, Kilifi

Description: tunnel under a tree made out of recycled waste plastic bottles. 

Size : Approx 14m long by 1.8m height

Creation Dates on site : 18th- 26th Dec 2019.

An art installation that aims to address the theme of Self- identity with the approach of environmental conservation through recycling waste plastic bottles. 

Its creation was made possible with the help of a team composed of local workmen and volunteers.

This installation was created for the Kilifi New Year Festival, a contemporary African alternative and electronic music festival that happens annually in Kilifi, located at the coast of Kenya.

MEET GOD installation process :

  • installation of metal structure as skeleton for the structure.
  • gathering and cleaning waste plastic bottles and drilling holes through them while stringing them all around the skeleton, forming the body of the structure.
  • putting up mirrors in the middle of the structure.
  • lighting the structure with multi-colored UV lights.
  • finishing up by ensuring all wires are safely put, putting up informative signs leading to the structure.
  • pouring ash on the ground to act as a soft surface and for its spiritually cleansing nature
Tunnel made out of recycled plastic bottles.

In the middle of the tunnel are mirrors that show different reflections of the audience. In that space, the intention is to provoke the audience to face and interact with different versions of themselves, and to write down what they feel on the mirrors.

We eventually used all the plastic waste bottles on site which were more than 1000 bottles! This included all the bottles that had been left behind from the previous KNY Festival and those that were being damped by the people on site.

We turned trash into a magnificent piece of artwork that has left a positive impact in preserving planet Earth!

installing mirrors

MEET GOD art installation Creation Process

The use of multi-colored lights was inspired by the SDGs colors. Sustainability of our planet is a collective responsibility.

The audience would interact with these questions:

What does it mean to be oneself ?

What is our purpose in the universe?

What is the conversation you would have when you meet God?