‘ME, MYSELF & I’ is a body of artworks that were part of my first Solo exhibition at BIEA,Nairobi in July 2018. These pieces intimately explores the self- the mind, the body, the heart and the soul.


It is an artistic representation of all the elements that have so far merged and made who I am- my character traits, how I react to situations, the often unanswered thoughts that often go through my mind, the challenges that I go through as a result of past and present experiences that have psychologically affected me (the most impactful being the loss of my father), the challenges I go through by virtue of being a woman and my place in the society as a woman, the fears and curiosities I have of the unknown, the struggles I go through while trying to find meaning to life and trying to find my real self, my ideas of self redemption through self actualization,and the impact social media has on the real self verses the fictitious self


I have executed these ideas through techniques such as image transfers on canvas, acrylics on canvas , writings, mixed media pieces on canvas and videography. In conclusion, what I found out is this, “I lost myself the moment I discovered myself!”