recycled paper collage, flower of life pattern from 3dprinted stencil, pen and ink, coffee stains, on recycled filter paper
Bermuda Complex, 52*52cm, 2020

The natural Ecosystem has it that every ending brings forth a beginning, and vice versa. This goes on and on, creating cycles that birth new forms ensuring infinite continuity.

Through such cycles, we, the Human species came to be, our role being to keep the ecosystem balanced through the cycles of energy we create and propagate.

The fact that the ecosystem’s components are linked has a crucial ramification: disturbance to one component leaves an impact on all other components of the ecosystem to varying degrees.

Human activitites have increasingly led to an imbalance in the ecosystem .These include : deforestation, emission of vehicle exhaust fumes , damping of non-biodegradable waste on the ground and in waterbodies, exhaust from factories and industries, agricultural activities that involve use of chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides, among other activities. This has led to damaging the Earth’s Ozone Layer leading to Global warming.

As a result, we are plagued with the burden of disease affecting not only us, but also other animals, plants and microorganisms.

And now the challenge is for us to try and bring balance back  into the ecosystem by the energy cycles we generate.

To check out the Techniques and Processes used to create this body of artworks click here.

Circular pieces :

40cm diameter (Unframed)

52*52cm available framed (varies with client’s preference)


Rectangular pieces :

38*42cm (Unframed)

49*53cm available framed  (varies with client’s preference)

The Flower of Life Series aims to show the temporal ,yet continuous nature of life; and our contribution as a species to this energy.

How do our activities impact the ecosystem?

How do we do away with our need for Consumerism?

How do we create a better planet for the coming generations and life-forms?


Naitiemu posing with her artwork during NDW2020 exhibition

I exhibited some of these pieces during Nairobi Design Week 2020 under the Yrimu Collection, March 8th-14th. Watch the full video which features my art works (min 0.56-1.04) and performance art piece (min 1.51-2.20).