Faces of the faceless are 12 sculptures made out of upcycled waste materials and concrete that lead the audience to the installation ‘Afrika United.’


I collaborated with Congolese multidisciplinary artist Koko Kabamba in creating these pieces for the KAN festival which took place at MS TCDC, Usa River, Tanzania from Jan 22nd – 25th.

The theme was about Development and Developmentalism in Africa.

These sculptures symbolize a movement, a revolution of the mind by each person in Africa.

 It is our collective responsibility to bring our skills and resources together for the benefit of developing Afrika to her full potential.

These sculptures carry memories and stories of every-day people. 

The clothes used were from the workers at MS TCDC and the community around us.


These sculptures also represent continuation of life through passing information and skills from one generation to the next and finally into the structure of unity.;Afrika United ;reminding us of where we came from, where we are now and where we would wish our future to be..

KAN Festival sculptures

‘Maendeleo ni watu sio vitu.’ -Swahili proverb translated as ‘development is the people, not things.’