Assembled sculpture : Mesh, collected shoes,collected metal rollers, wire, collected broken phone

60*60*60 cm, Created 2019

This sculptural piece is my representation of how the gradual change from traditional Afrikan community-sm to modernization governed majorly by individualism, has led to the mental health deterioration of the modernized African.
Broken Telephone gets its title from a game we used to play as kids, where we’d form a line and one kid would whisper something to the next, who would then share the same information to the next and this would continue until back to the first person.
In the end the information always ended up distorted.
Similarly, our lives as modernized Africans is almost always governed by ‘hustling’, represented by the collected old shoes and cell phone . We make many virtual connections along the way, but do we really make real connections as was the essence of community-sm in African traditional ways?
Additionally, it cannot be ignored that over the years there has been a great rise in cases directly or indirectly caused by mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety disorders among others. Could this rise be due to the changes in African lifestyle from community-sm to individualism influenced greatly by modernization?


re-use / up-cycling of waste materials

Mood-board for further ideas – using LED lights and sounds for installation piece.