I ventured into traditional wood-cut printing and modern 3D printing stencils which I used as resist patterns during spray-painting. This was fun and the results phenomenal!

I played around with different combinations techniques. Some prints involved Both the traditional woodcut printing and modern 3D printed stencils used.


These designs embody a sense of community and Afrikan identity, having been inspired by Afrikan traditions.They create a link between our present and past, enabling us to connect, understand, appreciate, celebrate and share our rich Afrikan heritage, ensuring its continuity generations to come. 

Each print produced is unique and brings its own different feeling; an aura of true identity.

The masks are available in different sizes both physical and digital copies.

Duo (ll) | 33*22cm
Different frames used
Digital print of the Punu Mask
Lamp shade from 3d printed stencil
Duo(I) 22*33cm
Digitized design
Digitized design