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Naitiemu Nyanjom on Mental Health and how Performing and Visual Art is Therapeutic.


Mental Health is important and with it comes with silent struggles. In this episode;

  • How art can be an healthy outlet for pent up energy and emotions in hard times
  • The connection between humanity and the environment and the important role artists play in connecting the two.
  • Material art that fuses art design and science
  • The Nairobi design week upcoming projects in the East African community and beyond

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Mookh interview on Persons of Interest Series

March 4th 2020

by Rahma Said

Kenyan material artist

Naitiemu is not your conventional artist. Through her extensive understanding of scientific concepts, she has been able to master the art of manipulating materials, thus, allowing her to create masterpieces that are striking and unconventional, to say the least. However, in her Persons Of Interest series she takes a more traditional approach in exploring the themes of love and sensuality across all gender differences. Using line-work on MDF Boards and Paper, she has created intricate works that portray the complexities of human emotion in the most stunning way. We spoke to Naitiemu about her art and the Persons of Interest series.

MOOKH: Who is Naitiemu?

Naitiemu: I am a material artist, performance artist and an art director. My work involves the study of the patterns undergone by different materials and finding their connection with human psychology. I explore materials such as metal, wood, paper and even people. I find all this very interesting and I find that they all seem to have a connection.

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linework- persons of interest
Just like the river flows, so do our emotions.