50+ Creatives are featured in this ‘one-shot’ music video!

We have all been labelled something in life.

The #LabelledHuman Campaign is an awareness campaign highlighting Human identity, equality & empathy curated by Nairobi Design Week.

I had the opportunity to be the Artistic Director for the #LabelledHuman campaign during NDW2020 Festival that took place from March 8th to 13th. This required that I curate and lead a team of creatives, who collaborated on a song, a one-shot music video and community mural paintings.

I was excited to work on this project because it promotes inclusivity and unity among humans despite our differences because at the end of the day, we are all #LabelledHuman.



8th-14th March 2020

Musicians jam session + studio sessions – We started off with the team of  musicians meeting up to create the song together.

The musicians consisted of nine talented Kenyan musicians : Clef and Bandana (a band with 5 members who sing and play the guitar, violin and keyboard), Bakhita (vocalist) , Phinoshey (rapper,producer) , S’Ogallo( rapper) and Caleb (rapper). 

We got to brainstorm on our perceptions about the labels in our society, sharing our experiences.

They then created the #LabelledHuman song; we had it produced and recorded in the studio.

The results were mind-blowing! 

Murals– Visual artists painted murals on the walls around the Basketball court and within 209 St House space themed #LabelledHuman.

These included Chela, S’Ogallo, Native, Caleb and Swift from Afrorenaissance collective, Quotmie, MushMuragz and the attendees of NDW2020 Festival who joined the artists in painting. 

Choreography session –  Mani Mungai(choreographer/Performance artist) directed everyone involved in the music video through choreographed rehearsal sessions in preparation for the music video shoot. 

This got the musicians, dancers, skaters and videographers together, sharing ideas on how to present their parts so as to ensure smooth transitions during the shoot.

Rango & Team directing #LabelledHuman music video

Video session– The music video direction was led by Rango and his team of videographers.

We opted for a one-shot music video taken within 209 St House Rd compound where NDW Festival took place.

This required execution of the choreographed moves as seamlessly as we could. The team also had to get creative in ensuring the scene is set up in a way that captures the values we would like to promote to our community.

There was a collaboration of different genres of art all coming together to create a masterpiece! We had a few takes before we finally called it a day, having captured more than what we had envisioned. 

Wow! So soothing so captivating so inspiring, my list is endless cause I’m quite emotional about it.’ –Makadem, Kenyan BengaFlava musician.

“I’d weger [sic] it will soon find its way into many a music lovers playlist.” –Gennevive Awino, BusinessDailyAfrica.

LISTEN to ‘labelled Human’ on Boomplay!

Labelled Human Music Video