Mummified series

Photography on Matt paper

Size : Each is 70*90cm

YoP : 2018

(Collaborative project with Namikoye)

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Flower of Life Series

Recycled Collage on paper

YoP : 2020

Techniques and processes : 3Dprinting, woodcut printing, recycled paper collage, pen and ink, coffee stains on recycled filter paper and textured paper.

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Crossroads Series

CROSSROADS (III) | 80*100cm
CROSSROADS (II) | 100*80cm

Paintings on canvas.

YoP : 2017

Techniques and processes : Acrylics on canvas, tape, pastes of film strips and photographic paper.

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Questions... Series

Questions III | 40*40cm
Questions II | 40*40cm
Questions (III)| 40*40cm

Paintings on canvas.

YoP : 2018

Techniques & Processes : acrylics, image transfer, pen & ink on canvas

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Earlier paintings

Power | 80*100cm | YoP 2018
Dear Diary | 41*41cm |YoP 2017
Freedom | 40*90cm | YoP 2016

Acrylics, oil and mixed media paintings created as one-offs

Afrikan masks prints

Eternity | 45*32cm
Duo | 25*35 cm
Duo (ll) | 33*22cm

Techniques & processes used include woodcut printing, 3d printing and spraypainting.

YoP : 2019

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