I am a Material artist, Performance artist and Art director. I am intrigued with the way materials behave and the patterns they go through, finding a connection with human psychology.

My technical understanding of material science is supported by a Bsc degree in Civil Engineering which enables me to merge scientific principles with artistic concepts. This has influenced my experimental approach to material manipulation such as using different chemical reactions on metal to create art, using optical and audio concepts in my art, among other materials.

I express myself through performance art too. I believe the energy we feel and consume can be expressed through body motion;  every emotion carries a beat that can be played.

Through this, I am able to address issues such as mental health disorders, identity, sex, cultural heritage among other themes. 

I am currently working for Nairobi Design Week as festival manager, project manager and art director; handling both digital and physical platforms throughout the year.

We recently released the ‘Labelled Human’ song and music video, which had over 50+ creatives come together under the theme ‘Design is for Everyone’ for a week of jam sessions, mural painting and design activities during Nairobi Design Week 2020 Festival.

Merging different elements and principles allows me to explore the multi-dimensionality of art. A piece of artwork can transform into many forms, but the emotion evoked remains the same. 

I would love to explore art in all different ways, yet make it a universal language for all humans, as we are all connected.

I hope to continue employing art as a tool that connects with the community and helps solve contemporary issues within our society.