I knew nothing much about 3D printing until I got schooled by Adrian on it. Proper schooling I mean. I got to learn how to create the designs first through computer aided programs, then got to watch it all transform into a tangible 3D piece of artwork through the 3D printer machine!

It took a couple of hours from the beginning till the end of its physical formation. The beauty of watching the threads of plastic forming layers onto each other was therapeutic, and then finally seeing the final outcome, almost magical I’d say!

Check out the 3D printing process where we got to create my stencils for printing! 

Biombo Mask.

Biombo masks are usually carved from wood and colored with red ‘tukula’ powder, a dye made from camwood tree. The eyes are coffee bean shape, and the eyebrows are decorated with triangular checkerboard sign. The three forms at the back of the head represent the Biombo hairstyle. They are worn during tribal rituals and ceremonies.
The Biombo live south of the intersection of the Lulua and Kasai rivers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.